Current Top Links


1990s Jaron presenting the VPL Data Glove

Netflix's "The Social Dilemma"

TED Talk: "How We Need to Remake the Internet"

"Data Dignity"
- A series with the New York Times

"Virtual Reality, Social Media & the Future of Humans and AI"
-The Lex Fridman Podcast

"Who is Civilization for?"
- Willy Brandt Lecture and Q&A

"Fireside Chat with Grimes and Jaron Lanier"
- Jaron in conversation with musician Grimes and Professor Sean M. O'Connor

Audio and Text Interviews

"The Metaverse: Expectations vs. Reality"
- Jaron on the Wild West of the metaverse and why Facebook should be paying you

"Was the Internet a Horrible Mistake?"
- The Honestly podcast with Bari Weiss

Other links

"So … What If Aliens’ Quantum Computers Explain Dark Energy?"
- A wild thought experiment with physicist Stephon Alexander

"Autodidactic Universe"
- An approach to cosmology in which the Universe learns its own physical laws

"The Conscience of Silicon Valley"
- GQ Profile

"Bringing Us Together"
- The story of Microsoft's Together Mode

"How to Fix Social Media"
- Wall Street Journal