Jaron Lanier Music News

Jaron at a conference in Victoria, BC

Proof of Consciousness album cover

Video of Jaron Lanier and David Rothenberg playing in London

In You Are Not a Gadget I do my best at using ideas to show that consciousness exists, but this album makes the case better.  Duets with Mark Deutsch.  To be released soon by Warm and Genuine records.

+ just finished a new symphony/choral work called "Symphony for Amelia" setting the poetry of Amelia Lanier.  Premiered at Winter Park Bach Festival.

LISTEN TO A SO-SO RECORDING (from a seat in the audience) OF SYMPHONY FOR AMELIA (A good quality recording is in the works.)

+ Mario Grigorov and I co-wrote the soundtrack for the documentary "The Third Wave"

+ Here's a live recording from the Triple Door in Seattle of Jami Sieber, Barbara Higbie, and I playing Jami's song "Hidden Sky" (I'm on shakuhachi flute.)


Drawing by Jaron when he was 17.