Some of my Instruments:
This unassuming collection of tubes is one of the most powerful instruments I know of. A one-person wind section, a pipe organ with the intimacy of breath. It's called a Khaen, and is played in Laos and Northeastern Thailand.

This is a 20th Century cousin to the Khaen; a chromatic Chinese Sheng with elaborate keywork.

This is a "power stack" of Gu Zchungs, which are Chinese Harps. (Yes I know I'm spelling them unconventionally.) I play them in a stack in order to have more notes available- the two instruments are tuned in interlocking pentatonic scales. The Gu Zchung is wonderful to play because of the brilliant resonance and the extraordinary range of touch and nuance.

Indian Raga is the oldest and seemingly deepest musical tradition available to us. I struggle with a number of raga instruments:

The Surbahar, a bass Sitarand...
The Esraj
a bowed Sitar...

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