The Latest VR music adventures:

There are a variety of new VR-related music works. Among these are:

The Flute Lathe, in which I play a rosewood Celtic flute in order to control the goings-on in a virtual world. I am able to guide a virtual lathe which carves forms out of virtual wood, and in fact I can make more flutes in this way. I also control a clock-like virtual mechanism, growing out of the virtual wood, which controls a Disklavier piano in order to provide accompaniment to the acoustic flute. The Flute Lathe was premiered at South by Southwest in Austin this year.

The Caterpillar and the Shell, also known as "Birth", is a virtual world played with Don Buchla's wands. An elaborate semi-fractal form (the Caterpillar), and an egg/shell/Brancusi form interact and generate music in an Arabic mode. The piece was premiered as a duet with Ney performed by Richard Horowitz at MIDEM this year.

The Pianobeam, in which elaborate piano harmonies are generated from hand motion in air, was premiered at the Copenhagen Film Festival.

And then there's the as yet un-named

rock band with me and Vernon Reid.

This band includes Kweyao Agyapon on percussion and BIGTWIN on VR effects.

Here's a review of a fun gig of ours that included VR.

I also occasionally play solo ambient music (mostly piano and khaen) at the Kitchen in New York.

I work quite a lot with the choreographer Rebecca Stenn. We perform and make films.

Our next show,

Thinning of the Veil: The Interpenetration of Realities ,

using Virtual Reality-related stage effects,
will be shown as a work-in-progress

just happened on December 5th

at the Kitchen in New York.

The full production will premier later this year at the American Music Theater Festival in Philadelphia. Watch for details.

Rebecca's dance company is called The Perks, and I often make music for them as well.

I have a band that plays regularly at the Knitting Factory in New York City.

I'm on piano, saxophone-driven virtual world, marxophone, ba wu, seljefloyte, quena, nishakusanzen, khaen, lu sheng


Cyro Baptista on a fantastic variety of percussion
- fresh from gigs with Paul Simon and Kathleen Battle


Jon Gibson on winds
-founding member, Philip Glass ensemble

The band sometimes performs with the experimental

Spontaneous Virtual Reality Theater.

I also occasionally play solo ambient music (mostly piano and khaen) at the Kitchen in New York.

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